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    Doug Ferguson

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    How did you first come to Mountaintop?
    In the summer of 2011, I was introduced to Mountaintop and was immediately impressed by the diversity, warmth and passion for sharing Jesus Christ with the world. That November I responded to God's call and the invitation of the Board of Elders to become Mountaintop's Senior Pastor.

    Five words that describe you:
    Enthusiastic, creative, witty, passionate and talkative

    Other places God has taken you:
    I was born in Charlotte, NC and grew up in Charleston, SC
    Studied in Clemson, SC; Genoa, Italy and Atlanta, GA
    architecture in Charleston, SC and Orlando, FL
    Pastored churches in Atlanta, GA; Baton Rouge, LA; Mt. Pleasant, SC; Menlo Park, CA; and Houston, TX

    What is your role at Mountaintop?
    Senior Pastor / Primary Teaching Pastor

    What's one book that's impacted you?
    Basic Christian Leadership by John Stott

    What have you done to improve your intelligence?

    Married Kim and became dad to Kelli, Jennifer and Jamie - and now father-in-law to Jay and soon CJ. They all make me smarter! Along the way I also earned a BS in Design and Master of Architecture from Clemson, became a Registered Architect in Florida and earned a Master of Divinity from Columbia Seminary.

    What's your biggest challenge?
    Deciding how to answer the question, "Alabama or Auburn?" The answer is always "Clemson!"
    Ben Kuykendall

    How did you first come to Mountaintop?
    After exiting 65 north I took a right on 31. I took the first right after Milo's and made my way to the top of the mountain while avoiding a pothole at the first right hand turn. (Yes, it's important to do that if you care about your car.) Wait, you're asking a deeper question here. Oops, my bad. To answer the deeper question, my first visit to Mountaintop was a breath of fresh air in more ways than one and after a few months of prayer, our family decided that this was the place where we felt God was calling us.

    Five words that describe you:
    Encouraging, creative, problem-solver, patient, prankster

    Other places God has taken you:
    I've lived in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Malta and now the beautiful state of Alabama. I've traveled to many places in Europe and fell in love with London and much of the UK.

    What is your role at Mountaintop?

    Creative Arts Pastor

    How do you find time to do anything besides being a loving husband to your beautiful wife and amazing children?
    Thanks for asking
    . My wife Jenna is, like you said, beautiful, but she's also amazingly talented and without her I'd be a shadow of myself. My 3 kids - Ryan, Rachel and Samuel - make me a proud dad every day!
    Mari Beth Poor

    How did you first come to Mountaintop?
    There was a guy working as the youth minister at my home church in Montgomery in the summer of 1997. I helped him over the summer and really enjoyed working with high school students. I was coming back to school at Samford University in the Fall, and he had taken a job in Birmingham at Over the Mountain Community Church (now Mountaintop). He asked me to come and serve with the high school students. I came to serve....and here I am 16 years later! :)

    Five words that describe you:
    Spontaneous, inquisitive, impatient, passionate, friendly

    What place would you like to visit before you die and why? I would really love to go to Cinque Terre in Italy because it is so unique and beautiful.

    What is your role at Mountaintop?
    iServe Pastor

    What's one book that's impacted you?
    A biography called Unbreakable about a man named Louis Zamperini. His story is incredible, motivating and inspiring!
    James Benton

    Five words that describe you:
    Tall, friendly, casual, silly, chatty

    Other places God has taken you:
    California, Chicago, Ethiopia, Sweden, Germany

    What is your role at Mountaintop?
    Making sure everybody has the stuff they need to do their ministry. Otherwise known as keeping money, facilities, and information flowing smoothly and efficiently. Otherwise known as Executive Pastor.

    What's your proudest moment?
    Marrying my wife. My life was forever changed for the better.

    What inspires you?
    Watching my kids grow and learn. I remind myself it is both natural, and incredibly challenging for them. If they can do it, so can I.

    What’s your biggest challenge?
    Remembering that God cares more about the people in front of me than the tasks in front of me. My tasks won’t be there when I die.

    Pastor Emeritus - Bill Elder

    Dr. William H. Elder, III is Pastor Emeritus and Founding Pastor of Mountaintop Community Church. Born in New Orleans, Bill made a faith commitment to Christ at age 12 during a Billy Graham crusade. During his junior year as a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute, Bill sensed a call to ministry and transferred to Baylor University, where he completed his B.A. in Religion in 1964. There he met his "Baylor Beauty," Linda Newman. Bill and Linda were married in 1965. Bill received his Master of Divinity degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1968. He then returned to Baylor for his Ph.D. in Religion (Biblical Studies), which was completed in 1974. In 1992, Bill and Linda launched a new church, Mountaintop Community Church, which would be singularly focused on reaching un-churched people. Bill retired in June 2012. He and Linda live in Vestavia Hills, Alabama and enjoy time with their three children and six grandchildren.